Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford







FR. MATTHEW – Today’s retiring collection is the annual collection for Peters Pence, to support the Holy Father. Please keep Deacon Patrick of Belmont in your prayers as this Tuesday he is ordained Priest at Belmont. Also please continue to pray for the many volunteers who are running Our Lady’s lunch club every Saturday lunchtime for those in need locally, we have been attracting about a dozen people each week. Also this week on Saturday the Diocesan Evangelisation team is running a “Picnic and Prayer” event here at Our Lady’s from 1.00pm.

1st HOLY COMMUNIONS – Congratulations to all the 1st Holy Communion children, who yesterday received communion for the 1st time. They will be presented with their certificates today at the morning masses.

SOLEMNITY OF ST’S PETER and PAUL – This Thursday, and is a Holyday of Obligation, masses at 9.30am, 1.30pm school mass (parishioners welcome) and 7.00pm.

PARISH BARBEQUE – Immediately following the 11.30am mass today.



Our commitment to Christ will be put to the test. We will hear whispered warnings and denunciations, as Jeremiah does in today’s First Reading. Even so-called friends will try to trap and trip us up. For His sake we will bear insults and be made outcasts—even in our own homes, we hear in today’s Psalm. As Jeremiah tells us, we must expect that God will challenge our faith in Him, and probe our minds and hearts, to test the depths of our love. “Do not be afraid,” Jesus assures us three times in today’s Gospel. Though He may permit us to suffer for our faith, our Father will never forget or abandon us. As Jesus assures us today, everything unfolds in His Providence, under His watchful gaze—even the falling of the tiniest sparrow to the ground. Each one of us is precious to Him. Steadfast in this faith, we must resist the tactics of Satan. He is the enemy who seeks the ruin of our soul in Gehenna, or hell. We are to seek God, as the Psalmist says. Zeal for the Lord’s house, for the heavenly kingdom of the Father, should consume us, as it consumed Jesus (see Jn 2:17). As Jesus bore the insults of those who blasphemed God, so should we (see Rom 15:3). By the gracious gift of himself, Jesus bore the transgressions of the world, Paul tells us in today’s Epistle. In rising from the dead, He has shown us that God rescues the life of the poor, that He does not spurn His own when they are in distress. In His great mercy, He will turn toward us, as well. He will deliver us from the power of the wicked. That is why we proclaim His name from the housetops, as Jesus tells us. That is why we sing praise and offer thanksgiving in every Eucharist. We are confident in Jesus’ promise—that we who declare our faith in Him before others will be remembered before our heavenly Fathe

Thursday 22nd . St’s John Fisher and Thomas More.  No mass today.

Friday 23rd  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

6.40pm Sacred Heart Devotions.

7.00pm Mass – Barbara Franklin & Clare Niven.

Saturday  24thNativity of John the Baptist.

9.30am 1st Holy Communion mass –Samuel Sokol.

2.00pm 1st Holy Communion mass- Syymon Lyczyszynski  (No Confessions or exposition.)

12.00-1.00pm Our Lady’s Lunch Club – Team 1.

Sunday 25th June – 12th Sunday

9.30am.  Helena Grabowska 11.30am. Nancy Harris RIP. 6.30pm.Albert Gregg & Spec Int (E.Y.)

Sunday 25th June  – 12th Sunday

9.30am. Helena Grabowska 11.30am. Nancy Harris RIP & Katarzyna/Kaspars 1st H.C & Baby Lydia Joan.

12.30pm Parish Barbeque.

6.30pm. Albert Gregg & Spec Int (E.Y.)

Monday 26th 

 9.30am Mass – Anna Schmidt RIP..

Tuesday 27th -

2.30pm Ordination Mass of Deacon Patrick – Belmont.

5.30pm Reception of body of Anna Schmidt

7.00pm Mass – Jeyaseeli Arkiasamy RIP.

(Divine Mercy prayers before mass and Rosary after.)

Wednesday  28th – St. Irenaeus.

9.30am Mass – In th’s (V.T.)

12.00noon – Requiem Mass – Anna Schmidt.

7.00pm Scripture Group.

Thursday 29th  - ST’S PETER and PAUL.

9.30am Mass – Fausta Justin Tilya.

1.30pm Mass – School Mass.

7.00pm Mass – Sylvia Phillips.

Friday 30th   .

7.00pm Mass – Antony Busco RIP anniv.

Saturday  1st- Memoria of the BVM.

10.00am  Confessions/exposition&Benediction.

11.00am Mass – Sick of the Parish.

12.00-1.00pm Our Lady’s Lunch Club – Team 2.

Sunday 2nd  – 13th Sunday.

9.30am.  Olivia Hallman & Family& Dorothy/Bernard Rohde.  11.30am. Michael Wagner/Samuel Sockol and Anna Schmidt/ Mikolaj 5th Birthday.

 6.30pm. Eugene O’Reilly RIP.