Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford




   The pilgrimage of prayer marking the Archdiocesan 100th anniversary continues, as we pray this week for the parish of Saint Philip Evans in Lanedeyrn, the Revd. Gareth Leyshon and the Revd. Deacon Stephen Melhuish. Today we finally begin the 200 club with the first monthly draw in the parish room during refreshments after the 9.30 mass. The monthly prizes are £75 and £25. We have 109 members at the moment, there is still time to join, although you will miss the first draw. A list of members and the number given to each member for each draw has been posted at the back of Church. October is the month of the Rosary, so please join us for the praying of the rosary after the Tuesday evening mass and also for this month before the Friday evening mass at 6.30pm, and before the Sunday evening mass at 6.00pm. This week the monastic community at Belmont is having its annual retreat, so Fr. Matthew will have limited availability. This Friday is the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day, an envelope is attached to this Bulletin, to use for next Sundays 2ndcollection.

CAFOD FAST DAY PRAYER – Journey With us, O God, and pour out your mercy upon us like the morning dew, so that together we may build a brighter future, a future of plenty for all. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


REFLECTION – LIFE BY FAITH. Because of his faith, the just man shall live. We hear in today's First Reading the original prophetic line made so central by St. Paul (see Romans 1:17Galatians 3:11;Hebrews 10:38). We are to live by faith in Christ who loved us and gave himself on the Cross for us (see Galatians 2:20). The world, though, can seem to us as seventh-century Judah seemed to Habakkuk—in the control of God's enemies. The strife and discord we face in our own lives can sometimes cause us to wonder, as the prophet does, why God doesn't seem to hear or intervene when we cry for help. We can't let our hearts be hardened by the trials we undergo. As today's Psalm reminds us: Israel forgot His mighty works, lost faith in the sound words of His promise. They tested God in the desert, demanding a sign. But God didn't redeem Israel from Egypt only to let them die in the desert. And He didn't ransom us from futility only to abandon us in our trials. He is our God and we are the people He shepherds always—though at times His mercy and justice seem long delayed. If we call on the Lord, as the Apostles do in today's Gospel, He will increase our faith, will stir to a flame the Holy Spirit who has dwelt within us since Baptism. As Paul tells us in today's Epistle, the Lord will always give us the love and self-control we need to bear our share of hardship for the Gospel—with a strength that can come from God alone. Our task is to continue doing what He has commanded—to love and to build up His kingdom—trusting that His vision still presses on to its fulfilment. For His vision still has its time. One day, though we are but "unprofitable servants," we will be invited to eat and drink at our Master's table. It is that day we anticipate with each celebration of the Eucharist. 


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Your child has now reached the age where they can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. We see this as a partnership between Parents, School and Church. If you wish to enrol your child on the preparation course for these sacraments please complete the reply slip below and return to the school secretary or Fr. Matthew at the presbytery.


As last year the course will not be run through the school, but will be completely parish based, with the sessions of preparation taking place on Sunday mornings after the 9.30am mass, beginning on 6th November. Enrolment is open to baptised catholic children in year 3 or above; evidence of baptism is required. It is possible for children baptised into other church communities to be admitted onto the course, or even non-baptised children, but certain conditions apply, please contact Fr. Matthew regarding this ASAP.

Parents are asked to attend an introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm in Our Lady’s Church, when all the details of the course will be provided; the 1st Holy Communion mass will take place on Saturday 24th June next year at 9.30am. Attendance at Sunday mass is a vital part of the course; families will be expected to make this commitment.

A full timetable of the course will be available shortly.

If there are any worries or concerns please contact Fr. Matthew at Church or Mrs. Jan Winter in Our Lady’s school.

Yours in Christ


Fr.  Matthew Carney                            Mrs. J Winter/Mrs. Lynn Johnson/Mrs. Marian Smith                      

Parish Priest                                           Course Coordinators              



Parents Name                                             Address                                              Tel No.



I wish for my child _____________________________________ to participate in the Holy Communion Preparation Course.        Date and Church of Baptism____________________

School they attend_______________Date of Birth_____________


We will attend the introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm.


Return to our Lady’s school office or Fr. Matthew at Our Lady’s Church.



Sunday 2nd October – 27th Sunday of the Year

9.30 am Mass John Kostorz.

11.30am Mass Patricia Dimgba

3.30pm Belmont Community Vespers at the Cathedral.

6.30pm Mass. Sebastian Wood. (Rosary 6.00pm

Monday 3rd

 9.30am Mass – John Bindon

Tuesday 4th St. Francis of Assisi.

7.00pm Mass – Noreen Pilger.                (Rosary 7.30pm.)

Wednesday  5th.

9.30am Mass – Keith Davies

Thursday 6th.

9.30am Mass – John Kostorz.

1.30pm Funeral Service John Kostorz.

Friday 7th. Our Lady of the Rosary & CAFOD Harvest Fast Day.

6.30pm Rosary.

7.00pm Mass.  Forgotten Souls.

Saturday 8th.

10.00am Confessions, exposition and benediction.

11.00am  Mass In Th’s – (11.30am Church Cleaning.)


Sunday 9th October – 28th Sunday of the Year

9.30 am Mass John Bindon

11.30am Mass Patricia Dimgba.

6.30pm Mass. People of the Parish. (Rosary 6.00pm.)