Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford



SUNDAY MASSES  - 9.30AM/11.30AM/6.30PM.






- 21st OCTOBER 2018.

Curry and Quiz Night:  

Yes, it’s nearly time for the world famous annual Curry and Quiz evening!  This year’s event will be on Saturday 27th October.  The bar will be open from 6:30pm, questions starting at 7pm and they’ll be a break in the middle for Fran and Lynn’s legendary curries.  As always, they’ll be a mixture of rounds, loads of laughs and even this year, a chance to add to your points with a touch of Play Your Cards Right!  Gather up a team or just come along and join a table on the night.  Tickets on sale from next Sunday, £5 for adults, £2 for under 16s. 


WORLD MISSION SUNDAY – Is your chance to support missionaries around the world and their work in proclaiming the Gospel. Today we are asked to support “Missio”, the Pope’s official charity for overseas mission, your donations will especially help the work of the Church in Ethiopia, and in so many other places. An abridged version of the Popes letter for this day is attached to this Bulletin. Please give generously to the 2nd collection today for Missio.

CURRY and QUIZ. Saturday  27th October from 6.30pm , tickets on sale after mass, adults £5, kids £2. Come along and join us for a great evening.

HARVEST SUNDAY. Today we are collecting items for the local Foodbank.

CONFIRMATION RITE OF ENROLMENT – Today at the 9.30am mass for those preparing for Confirmation.


The sons of Zebedee hardly know what they’re asking in today’s Gospel. They are thinking in terms of how the Gentiles rule, of royal privileges and honours. But the road to Christ’s kingdom is by way of His cross. To share in His glory, we must be willing to drink the cup that He drinks. The cup is an Old Testament image for God’s judgment. The wicked would be made to drink this cup in punishment for their sins. But Jesus has come to drink this cup on behalf of all humanity. He has come to be baptized—which means plunged or immersed—into the sufferings we all deserve for our sins. In this He will fulfill the task of Isaiah’s suffering servant, whom we read about in today’s First Reading. Like Isaiah’s servant, the Son of Man will give His life as an offering for sin, as once Israel’s priests offered sacrifices for the sins of the people. Jesus is the heavenly high priest of all humanity, as we hear in today’s Epistle. Israel’s high priests offered the blood of goats and calves in the temple sanctuary. But Jesus entered the heavenly sanctuary with His own blood. And by bearing our guilt and offering His life to do the will of God, Jesus ransomed “the many”—paying the price to redeem humanity from spiritual slavery to sin and death. He has delivered us from death, as we rejoice in today’s Psalm. We need to hold fast to our confession of faith, as today’s Epistle exhorts us. We must look upon our trials and sufferings as our portion of the cup He promised to those who believe in Him. We must remember that we have been baptized into His passion and death. In confidence, let us approach the altar today, the throne of grace, at which we drink the cup of His saving blood