Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford




The pilgrimage of prayer marking the Archdiocesan 100th anniversary continues, as we pray this week for the parish of Saint John Lloyd, Trowbridge with Blessed Sacrament, Rumney, the Revd. Paul Millar, Revd. Deacon Rigobert Logier, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy and Saint Illtyd’s High School

 Our next Jumble Sale is this Saturday 1stOctober from 1.30pm, all the normal donations are needed and especially cakes etc to be sold on the day. Today we continue asking for memberships for the new Parish 200 club, please encourage family, friends and colleagues to join as well so we can reach our target of 200 members; a form is included with this bulletin.

 October is the month of the Rosary, so please join us as normal for the praying of the rosary after the Tuesday evening mass and also for this month before the Friday evening mass at 6.30pm, and before the Sunday evening mass at 6.00pm.



The rich and powerful are visited with woe and exile in today's Liturgy—not for their wealth but for their refusal to share it; not for their power but for their indifference to the suffering at their door. The complacent leaders in today's First Reading feast on fine foods and wines, reveling while the house of Joseph, the kingdom of Israel (see Amos 5:6), collapses around them.
The rich man in today's Gospel also lives like a king—dressed in royal purple and fine linen (see 1 Maccabees 8:14). The rich man symbolizes Israel's failure to keep the Old Covenant, to heed the commandments of Moses and the prophets. This is the sin of the rulers in today's First Reading. Born to the nation God favored first, they could claim Abraham as their father. But for their failure to give - their inheritance is taken away. The rulers are exiled from their homeland. The rich man is punished with an exile far greater—eternity with a "great chasm" fixed between himself and God. In this world, the rich and powerful make a name for themselves (see Genesis 11:4) and dine sumptuously, while the poor remain anonymous, refused an invitation to their feasts. But notice that the Lord today knows Lazarus by name, and Joseph in his sufferings—while the leaders and the rich man have no name. Today's Liturgy is a call to repentance—to heed the warning of One who was raised from the dead. To lay hold of the eternal life He promises, we must pursue righteousness and keep the commandment of love, as Paul exhorts in today's Epistle. "The Lord loves the just," we sing in today's Psalm. And in this Eucharist we have a foretaste of the love that will be ours in the next life—when He will raise the lowly to the heavenly banquet with Abraham and the prophets (see Luke 13:28), where we too will rest our heads on the bosom of our Lord (see John 13:23).


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Your child has now reached the age where they can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. We see this as a partnership between Parents, School and Church. If you wish to enrol your child on the preparation course for these sacraments please complete the reply slip below and return to the school secretary or Fr. Matthew at the presbytery.


As last year the course will not be run through the school, but will be completely parish based, with the sessions of preparation taking place on Sunday mornings after the 9.30am mass, beginning on 6th November. Enrolment is open to baptised catholic children in year 3 or above; evidence of baptism is required. It is possible for children baptised into other church communities to be admitted onto the course, or even non-baptised children, but certain conditions apply, please contact Fr. Matthew regarding this ASAP.

Parents are asked to attend an introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm in Our Lady’s Church, when all the details of the course will be provided; the 1st Holy Communion mass will take place on Saturday 24th June next year at 9.30am. Attendance at Sunday mass is a vital part of the course; families will be expected to make this commitment.

A full timetable of the course will be available shortly.

If there are any worries or concerns please contact Fr. Matthew at Church or Mrs. Jan Winter in Our Lady’s school.

Yours in Christ


Fr.  Matthew Carney                            Mrs. J Winter/Mrs. Lynn Johnson/Mrs. Marian Smith                      

Parish Priest                                           Course Coordinators              



Parents Name                                             Address                                              Tel No.



I wish for my child _____________________________________ to participate in the Holy Communion Preparation Course.        Date and Church of Baptism____________________

School they attend_______________Date of Birth_____________


We will attend the introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm.


Return to our Lady’s school office or Fr. Matthew at Our Lady’s Church.


Sunday 25th  26th Sunday of the Year.

9.30 am Mass John Kostorz.                                             

11.30am Mass John Bindon

6.30pm Mass. People of the Parish.

Monday 26th – St’s Cosmas and Damian.

 9.30am Mass – Trevor Roberts.

7.00pm 20th Anniversary Committee.

Tuesday 27th – St. Vincent de Paul.

7.00pm Mass –Christopher Family RIP.                           (Rosary 7.30pm.)

Wednesday  28th.

9.30am Mass – Keith Davies

7.00pm Scripture Group.

Thursday 29th  - St. Michael and All Angels.

9.30am Mass – Spec Int.

Friday 30th.  St. Jerome.

6.30pm Rosary.

7.00pm Mass. Special Int (K.D.)

Saturday 1st October St. Therese of Lisieux.

10.00am Confessions, exposition and benediction.

11.00am  Mass Rose Pick – (11.30am Church Cleaning.)

Sunday 2nd October – 27thSunday of the Year

9.30 am Mass John Kostorz.

11.30am Mass Sick of the Parish.

3.30pm Belmont Community Vespers at the Cathedral.

6.30pm Mass. Sebastian Wood. (Rosary 6.00pm.)