Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford




 Today is World Mission Sunday when we pray especially for the work of missionaries around the world and for the work of MISSIO, the Churches charity supporting their work. The retiring collection is for Mission, with Gift Aid forms available at the back of Church.  Envelopes for the traditional lists of the dead for the month of November are also available at the back of Church.

ICON – The Icon of Blessed Roger Cadwallader which the parish has commissioned as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations is now finished, and is being delivered this coming week. We are looking for parishioners to contribute towards the cost of the Icon, offerings which can be made in memory of a departed loved one. The Icon is costing £1000, so we are asking for benefactors to offer £100. Forms for this purpose are available at the back of Church. Thanks to those parishioners who have already offered sponsorship.

THE PILGRIMAGE OF PRAYER marking the Archdiocesan 100th anniversary continues, as we pray this week for the parish of Holy Family, Fairwater, the Revd. Monsignor John Maguire and Revd. Deacon Maurice Scanlon.


REFLECTION – NO FAVOURITES. Jesus draws a blunt picture in today's Gospel. The Pharisee's prayer is almost a parody of the thanksgiving psalms (see for example Psalms 30,118). Instead of praising God for His mighty works, the Pharisee congratulates himself for his own deeds, which he presents to God in some detail. The tax collector stands at a distance, too ashamed even to raise his eyes to God see Ezra 9:6). He prays with a humble and contrite heart (see Psalm 51:19). He knows that before God no one is righteous, no one has cause to boast (see Romans 3:10; 4:2). We see in the Liturgy today one of Scripture's abiding themes—that God "knows no favourites," as today's First Reading tells us (see 2 Chronicles 19:7Acts 10:34-35Romans 2:11). God cannot be bribed (see Deuteronomy 10:17). We cannot curry favour with Him or impress Him—even with our good deeds or our faithful observance of religious duties such as tithing and fasting. If we try to exalt ourselves before the Lord, as the Pharisee does, we will be brought low (see Luke 1:52). This should be a warning to us—not to take pride in our piety, not to slip into the self-righteousness of thinking that we're better than others, that we're "not like the rest of sinful humanity." If we clothe ourselves with humility (see 1 Peter 5:5-6)—recognize that all of us are sinners in need of His mercy—we will be exalted (see Proverbs 29:33). The prayer of the lowly, the humble, pierces the clouds. Paul testifies to this in today's Epistle, as He thanks the Lord for giving him strength during his imprisonment. Paul tells us what the Psalmist sings today—that the Lord redeems the lives of His humble servants. We too must serve Him willingly. And He will hear us in our distress, deliver us from evil, and bring us safely to His heavenly kingdom


The 12 preparation sessions take place on Sundays immediately following the 9.30am mass in the parish hall, finishing for 11.45am approx. Any absences to be notified to Fr. Matthew at phone number above.

Introductory meeting – Monday 17thOctober 6.00pm in Church.


Sunday 6th November  1st Session -  Kids in parish hall and Parents Session in Church.

               and Rite of Enrolment in Church during 9.30am mass.


Sunday 13th November Session 2.  After 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


Sunday 20th November  Session 3.  After 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


      (Sunday 27th November 20th Anniversary Celebrations of building of New Church, Mass at 10.30am, Celebrated by Archbishop George Stack, followed by reception in Parish Hall.)


Sunday 4th December Session 4. After 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


Sunday 22nd January Session 5 after 9.30 mass in Parish Hall


Sunday 29th January Session 6 after 9.30 mass in Church.


Sunday 5th February 12.30pm 1stConfessions in Church.


Half Term


Sunday 5th  March Session 7  after 9.30 mass in parish hall and parents session in Church.


Sunday 12th  March Session 8 after 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


Sunday 19th March Session 9 after 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


EASTER SUNDAY – 16th April and May Bank Holiday Weekend.


Sunday 7th May Session 10 after 9.30 mass and Parents Session in Church


Sunday 14thMay  Session 11 after 9.30am mass – in Parish hall.


Half Term

Sunday 11th June Session 12 after 9.30 mass – in Parish Hall


Sunday 18th June Rehearsal after 11.30am mass in Church.


SATURDAY 24thJune 1st HOLY COMMUNION MASS 9.30am Mass Our Lady’s.



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Your child has now reached the age where they can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. We see this as a partnership between Parents, School and Church. If you wish to enrol your child on the preparation course for these sacraments please complete the reply slip below and return to the school secretary or Fr. Matthew at the presbytery.


As last year the course will not be run through the school, but will be completely parish based, with the sessions of preparation taking place on Sunday mornings after the 9.30am mass, beginning on 6th November. Enrolment is open to baptised catholic children in year 3 or above; evidence of baptism is required. It is possible for children baptised into other church communities to be admitted onto the course, or even non-baptised children, but certain conditions apply, please contact Fr. Matthew regarding this ASAP.

Parents are asked to attend an introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm in Our Lady’s Church, when all the details of the course will be provided; the 1st Holy Communion mass will take place on Saturday 24th June next year at 9.30am. Attendance at Sunday mass is a vital part of the course; families will be expected to make this commitment.

A full timetable of the course will be available shortly.

If there are any worries or concerns please contact Fr. Matthew at Church or Mrs. Jan Winter in Our Lady’s school.

Yours in Christ


Fr.  Matthew Carney                            Mrs. J Winter/Mrs. Lynn Johnson/Mrs. Marian Smith                      

Parish Priest                                           Course Coordinators              



Parents Name                                             Address                                              Tel No.



I wish for my child _____________________________________ to participate in the Holy Communion Preparation Course.        Date and Church of Baptism____________________

School they attend_______________Date of Birth_____________


We will attend the introductory meeting on Monday 17th October at 6.00pm.


Return to our Lady’s school office or Fr. Matthew at Our Lady’s Church.


Sunday 23rd October – 30th Sunday of the Year

9.30 am Mass

11.30am Mass

6.30pm Mass. Tess Forder. (Rosary 6.00pm.)

Monday 24th .

 9.30am Mass –

Tuesday 25th. St

7.00pm Mass – Tess Forder.(Rosary 7.30pm.)

Wednesday  26th. St’s Chad and Cedd.

9.30am Mass – Jan & Josef Jakubowitz, Keith Davies

7.00pm Scripture Group.

Thursday 27th.

9.30am  KJ George.

Friday  28th .St’s Simon and Jude, Apostles.

6.30pm Rosary. 7.00pm Mass. Mieczystaw Wojtczak.

Saturday 29th Memorial of Our Lady.

10.00am Confessions, exposition and benediction.

11.00am  Mass– KJ George. (11.30am Church Cleaning.)

Sunday 30th October – 31st Sunday of the Year

9.30 am Mass Linda and John Kostorz

11.30am Mass

6.30pm Mass.. (Rosary 6.00pm.)