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A letter from Fr Abbot 10th May 2015


My dear Friends in Christ,

I am writing this letter to you just as I prepare to go in to hospital, far away from Hereford, for my annual check up. I always look forward to this, as it’s the best rest I get from one year’s end to the next. By the time you read these words the General Election will be over and we will know the result of our voting. Our prayer is that, whatever government is formed, it will be open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and wanting to serve the whole country with justice and integrity.

We are now coming towards the close of the forty days of Easter and next Sunday we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord. In the meantime, this week, on Wednesday in fact, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the Torchlight Procession in honour of Our Lady will take place at Belmont. It begins at 9pm and all are welcome.

Soon our children will be making their Frist Communion. In fact, this year there will be three separate celebrations. Our Polish-speaking children from around the county will make their First Communion on Sunday, 24th May, the Solemnity of Pentecost, at 4pm. There will be 18 of them altogether. Then 24 children from Our Lady’s School will make their First Communion on Saturday, 13th June, at 9.30am. Finally, 19 children from non-Catholic schools will make their First Communion on Sunday, 14th June, at 11.30am. Please pray for all these children, 61 in all, as well as for their parents, families and catechists.

Could I please remind all our Readers at Mass to observe the correct liturgical norms when exercising their ministry whether on Sundays or on weekdays? Could I also ask everyone to read clearly and distinctly: sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand what is being read.

Could I also remind all Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to write to me personally to express their desire to be re-commissioned on 4th June, likewise anyone who would like to serve in this way? Please indicate whether you are able to take Holy Communion to the sick. So far only 5 people have written. Please do not delay.

On Sunday evening the Mass was celebrated by Fr Joseph Parkinson, who, like me, spent over 20 years in Peru, but as Parish Priest of San Lorenzo in the Archdiocese of Piura. It is likely that he will join Fr Andrew, Fr Jonathan and myself in serving the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs as we await the arrival of Fr Matthew Carney. I would ask you to be patient if we do not always meet with your expectations. As you know, any service given to Our Lady’s is in addition to a full timetable and a hard day’s work. At times we might be tired and a little jaded. Please help us with a word of encouragement and the hand of friendship.

Thank you and God bless you,

Abbot Paul