Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

Roman Catholic Church Hereford



Parish Advisory Council of
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Hereford

•The Council is a representative body of Christ’s faithful whose purpose is the promotion of the mission of the Church in its entirety through the life and work of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs’ parish. The Parish Priest and Council shall at all times work collaboratively. The Council is to reflect upon, advise and make recommendations about the pastoral activity of the parish.


•The Parish Priest and the Council will therefore discover and discern the needs of the parish in such areas as liturgy, pastoral care, continuing adult education and catechesis, and administration.  They will seek to ensure that these needs are met in appropriate ways, remembering that the ownership of money and buildings is vested in the Trustees of the Archdiocese, and that their consent is required for all expenditure over £2000.

•The Council will act as a forum and means of communication and co-operation within the parish and with the deanery and other bodies within the Church or outside the Church.

•The Council is consultative and thus  will seek to discern the movement and will of the Holy Spirit.  The Council will at all times seek to arrive at decisions through consensus rather than by majority vote.