In order to be married at Our Lady’s, one of the engaged couple has to be a baptised catholic, and neither party can have been married before-in any church or a registrars office. If either party has an annulment needs to be obtained-see the Parish Priest for information on this.


An appointment needs to be made with the Parish Priest - Fr. Matthew Carney on 01432 265177, and an interview with him arranged. Or by e-mail –

A Marriage preparation course needs to be attended-this will consist of at least two sessions, usually held on a Saturday afternoon. These are run every year between April and July. The Parish Priest will give you details of the course.


During this course all the necessary documentation will be filled in-this requires the baptismal and confirmation certificates from the catholic party and also the baptismal certificate from the non-Catholic party.


Notice of your intention to marry needs to be given to the registrar of marriages in Hereford. This cannot be done until three months before the wedding-but you need to see the registrar before this to sort out any residency requirements.


The Catholic Party needs to be obtain letters of freedom from any Catholic Parish they have lived in, for greater than six months, as an adult.


If the Catholic party is not resident in the Parish of Our Lady’s, they need to see and obtain the permission to marry from the Parish Priest in whose Catholic Parish they live.


There is a cost for being married at St. Begh’s-the basic contribution asked for is £150. There is an additional fee of £50 for us undertaking the civil registration of your wedding. Any permission or dispensation required will also incur a separate fee.












   You have a basic choice regarding your wedding, between a wedding service or a full Nuptial mass. The difference is that a wedding service is not a mass, although it can include the distribution of Holy Communion. A wedding service is a shorter service and includes readings, hymns, the exchange of vows and the nuptial blessing. A nuptial mass is a traditional catholic mass with the exchange of vows taking place after the sermon. It is entirely the choice of each couple whether they have a service or mass. The wedding preparation course will include time spent going through the service.



  Whatever kind of service you choose we can give you a lot of help. Fr. Matthew can give a full list and copies of the scripture readings that can be chosen at a service. Please note that only biblical readings can be chosen



  The following is a list of organists who are willing to play for weddings at St. Begh’s. It is your responsibility to book an organist and to pay the required fee. Please do though remember that only sacred music is allowed for weddings by the laws of the Catholic Church. Fr. Matthew can provide hymn books and also lists of suitable wedding marches etc.



  We can show you copies of service booklets that previous couples have produced to give you an idea of what other couples have produced and the kind of music and readings they have had. It may be possible to help in the production of a order of service, that is a proof copy which can then be taken to a  printer to be printed from - please contact Fr. Matthew.



  Please make your own arrangements for flowers with whatever florist you choose, although do let the florists know that they need to ring Fr. Matthew  in advance in order to gain entrance to the Church.


Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic Church Hereford